IAAP/IFME Certification - add international credibility and value to courses and students

About Us

IAAP, a UK based international body, exists to provide international recognition.

International Faculty of Management and Enterprise (IFME)

IFME is a sub-Faculty of the International Association of Accounting Professionals (IAAP)

IFME exists to meet the ever increasing global demand for trusted certification of management and enterprise education and training.

For courses provided by training providers to have real value in the global economy, they need to be:

  • Externally accredited (recognised) to ensure credibility
  • Undergo quality assurance by an external body that can be trusted
  • Internationally endorsed

That’s why as an internationally renowned awarding body, the IAAP, has established the International Faculty of Management & Enterprise™ – to do just that. Now, individuals holding IAAP/IFME management, leadership or enterprise qualifications, can enjoy the prestige of having their achievements and expertise professionally endorsed. With IAAP/IFME accredited diplomas or certificates under their belt, individuals can unlock a wealth of career opportunities. Training Institutions - add international value NOW to your courses and to learners’ achievements by enquiring today about obtaining IAAP/IFME external accreditation and certification.

Part of a worldwide organisation for Accounting Professionals, Bookkeepers and Payroll Technicians.

The International Faculty for Management and Enterprise (IFME) is a Faculty of the International Association of Accounting Professionals (IAAP - www.accountingprofessionals.org).

Together with the parent organisation, the International Association of Bookkeepers (IAB - www.iab.org.uk), members and students around the world are supported.


  • To continue to set, promote and support professional standards for bookkeepers in the UK and globally.
  • To continue to promote membership of the IAB as an indispensable confirmation of status and for the personal advancement of the individual.
  • To further extend the recognition of the IAB in the UK as a highly rated, Ofqual Recognised Awarding Organisation for financial and business management qualifications.
  • To develop and implement a strategy to provide financial and business skills solutions in developing economies and other regions throughout the world where there is an identified need.