IAAP/IFME Certification – add international credibility and value to courses and students

When a training institution assesses and certificates its own learners, the lack of external quality assurance and confirmation can create doubts about standards. There may even be a lack of trust in national or state qualifications that may be awarded, that these are not up to date or lack relevance to current or future needs of employers operating in a global economy.

How can IFME help you?

IFME is a sub-Faculty of the International Association of Accounting Professionals (IAAP)

Professional integrity underpins everything the IAAP stands for. This is just one of the reasons why training providers - who offer programmes of study accredited and monitored by IAAP and its Faculty, IFME – can boast a quality assurance that can be relied upon. This credibility is secured by the fact that IAAP and IFME are both administered by the same management and staff team as the internationally renowned professional and awarding body, IAB. IAB has been setting international standards and awarding qualifications since 1973, and is a Government Recognised Awarding Organisation in England with qualifications regulated by Ofqual (www.ofqual.gov.uk).

As well as certificating students who successfully complete IAAP/IFME accredited courses, unrivalled support is offered to educational centres worldwide. For example:

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