About Us

The International Faculty of Management and Enterprise (IFME) ™, is a sub-Faculty of the International Association of Accounting Professionals (IAAP). With an Advisory Board of respected management educators and practitioners, IFME provides its Accredited Centres, learners and other stakeholders with the valuable assurance of recognised and trusted international standards and certification.

IAAP – a UK based international body.

IAAP, a UK based international body, exists to provide international recognition for the level of qualification achievement of accounting professionals and, through that recognition, to enhance their status in the financial and business communities. Holders of a current IAAP membership certificate can enjoy the benefits of this international recognition in their careers. The IAAP 'Accounting Professional' also enjoys the prestige and status that is conferred by this title.

The IAAP awards its own IAAP membership and qualification certificates and also promotes, as a route to IAAP membership, the qualifications of the IAB, a Recognised Awarding Body and regulated in England by Ofqual – the Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulator. IAAP also recognises and grants exemption to those applicants for membership that hold comparable qualifications of other recognised UK and international professional and awarding bodies. The administration and direction of IAAP is provided on its behalf by the IAB from its head office in the UK and also is supported by the IAB's network of international representatives, agents and other collaborative partners. Like the IAAP, the IAB is a UK based, not-for-profit professional body, being fully governed by its members who are bookkeeping, accounting and other business professionals. The IAAP is an associate body of the IAB and under its full control.

For more information about the IAB, including its status in the UK as a Recognised Awarding Organisation and as a Statutory Supervisor/Regulator